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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> good morning washington at 5:00 a.m." begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's friday, august 5. i am greta kreuz. >> great to have you with us on this friday. i am pamela brown. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden standing by, but we begin with meteorologist adam caskey. we could get some more rainfall tomorrow. >> and beneficial rain tomorrow. downpours across parts of our area throughout the afternoon and evening and even past the time in some spots on saturday. for today, low clouds. we have clouds in virginia west virginia and western maryland and a few light sprinkles in culpeper and blu-ray = =-- luray. we could widely scattered
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showers in the northwest. parts of maryland could be sunny while virginia is cloudy. 88 for the high temperature. on the weekend, the best chance of showers and storms is tomorrow afternoon and into tomorrow night. back in the 90's by sunday and monday. d.c. fire is reporting a possible vehicle fire. let's go to virginia. 395 abound on the 14th street bridge. vdot is looking at a car fire that is supposed to be on the d.c. side of the 14th street bridge. possibly near the case bridge or the exit for maine avenue pier it i don't see any slowdowns or smoek -- or smoke but we will keep an eye on it. all eyes on wall street today after yesterday's
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meltdown. stocks lost more than 500 points in what was the biggest one-day drop since 2008. things don't seem to be looking up. their arte fears of a second recession. mike conneen has the fallout closer to home. but we begin with a preview of today's trading with phillips reports. >> asian markets are down between% and 5%. european markets are down between 1% and 2%. u.s. stock futures don't look good indicating another rough day ahead in the u.s. at the close on thursday, the dow jones was down 513 points. the drop started early over fears italy and spain might default. the sell-off continues this
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morning in asian markets. >> the question is will that- cycle continue? only time will tell. >> it's a perfect storm. manufacturing fell last month. consumer spending dropped for the first time in almost a year. and the job market has unemployment hovering around 9%. >> investors are worried we are headed for a recession and they want to get out while the getting is good. >> an average loss of more than $11,000 in the average 401k. >> you have to give me reason to buy stocks. >> you can see the start of 2011 and years up to yesterday. starting and ending at the same point. it basically wiped out all the games for the year -- gains. the july jobs report will be
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coming out today and we will be following that. abc 7 news reporting. local investors are nervous about a repeat recession. >> mike conneen continues team coverage from the west washington. >> good morning. while those investors are trying to stay optimistic and not panic this morning the talk of a new double dip recession as many people, older americans worried about their 401k plant. -- plan. i spoke with panickemany believe the government and the federal reserve are tapped out on ways to stimulate the economy. a drop of more than 500 points is concerning. by today or tomorrow it could go back up again. some experts say it could be a while. with falling prices, what should people do or not do? some financial advisers say to do nothing, give it a few days,
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delicate or 401k and try to stay optimistic. others say to do more. some are moving into short-term u.s. treasury funds, investing in multinational european groups like siemens corporation or nestlinge. whatever you do, to your financial adviser first before you do anything. reporting live on k street in northwest, mike conneen. >> we will find out where things stand with the jobs market and the labor department releases the july unemployment report later this morning. it's expected to show a employers added 90,000 jobs in july. the unemployment rate is expected to stay at 9.2%. thousands of furloughed federal aviation employees could soon go back to court. the senate is expected to approve a bill extending faa operating authority through mid september. a stalemate over controversial
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provisions led to the furloughs. the partial shutdown cost the government millions of dollars in ticket tax revenue. a man is in the hospital after a shooting in northeast. it happened around 11:00 last night at bladensburg road and d street. no word on the man's condition or what led to the shooting. prince george's county police are trying to figure out who killed a mother and her son. both bodies were found early yesterday morning after all on hickory drive in for washington. the victims have been identified as 66-year-old address and harris and 20-year-old frank ferris. -- patricia harris. the woman's husband is not a suspect. tropical storm emily dumped several inches of rain in haiti damaging homes and a power treatment center. people living near a river are
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being urged to leave because of potential flooding in the north. no reports of any deaths. 71 degrees on this friday. >> still ahead barrett alive at the beach. look at the dramatic rescue caught on camera. >> tax-free for one weekend only. 7 is on your side with where to find big savings. everyone wants to know about that. >> first will the cooler weather last through [ baby coughing,
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clean air act.
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5:00 in right now on this monday morning in the belfort furniture weather center with your forecast. conditions will vary across the region throughout the day. right now, clear skies in much of maryland and the metro area, however, close to west virginia some areas of rainfall. romney, with virginia, down towards front royal and stretching into culpeper, a few sprinkles to start the day. 66 degrees in frederick 67 in baltimore. 73 in culpeper, 72 in winchester. downtown d.c. a 73. durable cloud covered throughout the day. a few isolated showers west of
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the metro into the afternoon. temperatures where they should be in the mid to upper 80's and today. the same story tomorrow, 87 degrees with limited sunshine. widespread showers possible through the evening and night time tomorrow. i told you about a vehicle fire reported, the 14th street bridge in d.c. looks fine. looks good along the waterfront and headed to the freeway or a pillow or 14th street. the vehicle fire on main avenue near the marina. let's go to 270. southbound between 80 and 109 looks like this. not bad. in virginia, the greenway, dulles toll road, nice ride on seven out of sterling to tysons. and metro well off to our normal start. back to you. >> thank you. 5:11 71 degrees.
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your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at welcome back. checking our top stories asian and european markets are down this morning, a day after wall street had its biggest sell-off in three years. it lost 513 points yesterday the dow jones. markets are bracing for more bad news today for the jobs report for july, which comes out in a few hours. thousands of furloughed federal aviation administration employees and contractors could soon get back to work. the senate's exports to approve a house bill that would extend the operating authority until
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mid september. today marks the first anniversary of the chilean mine disaster. 33 miners became trapped hundreds of feet below the earth's surface. they were rescued 69 days later. they are struggling with financial and psychological problems. it back to normal today but reports of a man with a gun on campus triggered a big scare at virginia tech yesterday. the campus was locked down more than five hours after three teenagers attending a summer camp reported seeing a possible. possible police released a composite sketch of the suspect and searched the campus, but no gun was found. university officials say they acted appropriately. >> how we responded and how the university responded should be that response to any kind of threat >> . these days we don't have any other choice but to issue a. >> it was the longest lockdown since the 2007 shooting rampage
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in which 33 the popepeople were killed there. a texas jury will begin deciding the fate of a convicted polygamist sect leader. worn steps was convicted of sexually assaulting two children that he says were his wives. prosecutors want to spend the rest of his life in jail. he claims that he was the victim of religious discrimination. remember this video? a teenager indicted for beating a transgender woman at a baltimore area mcdonald's faces five years in jail. brown pleaded guilty to attacking the 22-year-old. the attack was posted on youtube. a 14-year-old accomplice is serving time in a juvenile facility. a tax-free weekend begins today in virginia and runs through sunday. you will not have to pay taxes on schools applies and clothing
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under $120. it runs through august 20. in maryland, only clothing and shoes are included. metro riders can expect allays this weekend because of track work. buses will replace red line trains between rockville and bethesda. the four stations in between will be closed. on sunday on the blue line, several stations will be closed, but free shuttle buses will be available. linkedin rakes it in. now those stories and more. >> samsung has just released its new galaxy 10.1 tablets for verizon. the device is noticeably faster. the speed comes at a price. >> the device is faster than that it's thinner and lighter than the ipads, but there are down sides.
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it's kind of pricey and the make design a 40-year contract and the battery life is not as long. >> linkedin's revenue doubled and profits were up 10%. boeing is showing us how it plans to go into space. the company plans to send a capsule to the iss in 2014 onboard an atlas 5 rocket. they will use astronauts from nasa to make this work. i amy winehouse's final recordings will be released next what. her father says she recently recorded a duet with tony bennett. proceeds will go to a foundation being set up in her honor. she was found dead at her london home last month at the age of 27. >> i bet that's going to be a big hit. imagine tony bennett. >> a big seller. you are talking about grain
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for the weekend. >> it's not a bad thing because we could use the showers. it's worth it, because we could use a few downpours. it will be very humid this weekend. >> kind of a package deal. >> greta kreuz is giving me that look. we have a few isolated showers or by sprinkles west of the metro this morning. nothing else locally. everything from west of the metro especially around woodstock, flint hill and and northwest around romney, west virginia, approaching strasburg, virginia. this is slowly drifting off to the east. really drifting, are moving. the conditions will vary throughout the entire day all across the region. right now we have cloud cover which we see the outline of on the satellite. old dominion, stretching into west virginia and western maryland's.
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locally, in most of maryland we have clear skies to start the day. it's a little cooler in the 60's where we have the clearing and the cloud cover acts as a blanket over night, a little warmer in the 70's in virginia. tropical storm emily is no longer tropical storm. as it passes to the north and east of florida it should be developed into a tropical storm over the next 48 hours. 73 in the district, 72 in winchester 73 in quantico 66 in gaithersburg. 67 in baltimore. 88 is the high temperature today, which is average. cloud cover will come and go throughout the day and we will have a few sprinkles or light showers mainly west and northwest of the metro throughout the entire day. limited sunshine tomorrow. a few afternoon and evening and night time of thunderstorms, some with heavy downpours. sunday has a slight chance of storms. very humid on the weekend.
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rising into the low 90's on sunday, mid 90's by monday. people ask me if adam caskey is as nice as he appears and he is. eastbound 66 out of marshall to get into manassas looks good, but there's a crash on eastbound 66 at 28/centerville. that's will add a little time to your commute. 66 in falls church is moving nicely eastbound and westbound. 95 minor crash on the shoulder in stafford northbound. there is the pace in springfield, looking good. back to you. >> thank you. by the clock 21, 71 degrees on this friday. >> its that time of year. college football's first coaches poll is out. that's coming up. >> today on "oprah," a 15-year-
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old who killed his molester. 4:00 on abc 7.
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look out. >> the nationals relief pitcher from colorado, he hit a batter and walked.
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the nationals fell to colorado 6-3. >> they will try again tonight with george zimmerman taking the mound for the national. >> now tim brant has the rest of sports. >> the redskins signed a safety to a new three-year deal. 90 men on the roster, that's the maximum. but one guy had to have screws put into is broken hand. and the free agents were out there with open arms. they thought this was the day they would practice with the team, but the new agreement had not been signed so they were shuffled to another field. the free agents finally got to join the team after 5:00 and it was a crazy day at the park for them. >> they gave us our jerseys and then took them away and gave them back and they told us we could not stretch with the team, so it was crazy in the beginning, but i am happy that it's finally over and we can be
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a team now and work together. >> the oklahoma sooners are number one in the pre-season college poll. have a great day. 5:26, 71 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead in the next half- hour trapped under 6 feet of sand. howell of virginia teenager escaped what could of been an early grave. -- how a virginia teenager scapes. >> global markets and the day ahead, coming up. >> the weather pattern is becoming a little unsettled. we have areas of rain even this morning. we will talk about the rai
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> a tough day on wall street. >> stocks around the world take a major tumble. >> a dizzying drop on wall street fuelled by new fears of another recession. all eyes are on the opening bell. good morning, washington. it's friday, august 5, i am greta kreuz. >> i am pamela brown. good morning. let's check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. we start with adam caskey. changes under way for the weekend. >> an increase in the humidity for the weekend, a better chance of afternoon and evening storms, and a potential obama. low 90's's by sunday. right now we have a little action on the radar far west of washington. even west of fauquier county at this time. barely west of there. until, luray, front royal
5:30 am
stretching up to romney, a few isolated light showers early this morning. we could see the same again later this afternoon. 73 and the district, 70 in martinsburg. culpeper 73. 80 is the high temperatures today and -- 88. the clouds will be coming and going throughout the entire day. tomorrow, the best sense of showers and storms all weekend is tomorrow afternoon into the nighttime with imbedded downpours. hearing about police activity on 66 westbound near glebe road. eastbound 66, there was a little map. crashed at 28 centreville on eastbound has been moved to the right shoulder. and this is traffic on 270 southbound, headlines in the southbound direction moving nicely out of a germantown gaithersburg, and rockville. mass-transit moving on normal service. back to you. >> thank you.
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wall street is waking up with the jitters after yesterday's market meltdown. asian markets overnight tumble, following the dow jones freefall. this was fueled by growing fears of another recession. the big question is was its 01- day glitch or sign of what's to come? mike conneen has reaction from local investors. and we have a preview of today's trading with philip stewart. >> a lot of investors are bracing for another potentially rough day ahead. asian markets already closed for the day. they are down. european markets are down right now. u.s. stock futures don't look very good idea. here's how yesterday played out. stocks began to slide right from the open. investors weren't scared by european concerns that italy spain, and greece could all default. the dow jones closed down 513 points. that wiped out all the gains so far for the year.
5:32 am
the overseas concern is the latest in a string of troubling indicators. manufacturing fell last month. consumer spending dropped for the first time in almost a year. the unemployment still hovering around 9%. speaking of employment or unemployment, the july jobs report is due out later this morning. economists predict that it will do little to improve the unemployment rate. that as well as the jobs report will have a big impact on how the markets performed today. philip stewart abc 7 news. >> thank you. and the market as investors in our region looking at 2008. >> mike conneen has coverage from the northwest with more on what you need to know. good morning. >> good morning. i am on k street, a part of d.c.'s financial district. yesterday a lot of financial advisers spent hours on the phone with their clients trying
5:33 am
to reassure them and give their best advice. this morning as the new trading day begins, many eyeballs will be on computer monitors. don't expect the news to get any better anytime soon. after stock numbers crumbled, local investors are trying to be optimistic and not panicked. >> as long as you are in the market long term, i dig you don't have to be concerned. i think certainly, a drop of over 500 points is something you have to worry about, but at the same time tomorrow it could go backup. >> some say it building up cash is a good strategy. >> investors should keep their money in cash. investors that have stocks should not put money into stocks, but they should sit on them for now. >> peers of a double-dip have many older americans were about their 401k. >> it's really tough.
5:34 am
>> many believe the government and federal reserve are tapped out on ways to stimulate the economy. there's a to 50% chance of going into a second recession and applaud it will go to 15%. >> . a >. a lot of folks are scrambling today talking to their financial advisers, not sure what to do next. what should you do? some say you should do nothing. leave your 401k alone, try not to look at it and try not to worry about it. others say in a situation like this with a volatile all markets, you should do more. whatever you do, experts say talk to your financial adviser first. mike conneen abc 7 news. >> we will have to wait and see. president obama will be at the washington navy yard to unveil a plan to help unemployed veterans. the proposal calls for companies that hire veterans to receive a $2,400 tax credit. if the veteran has a service
5:35 am
related disability, the company would receive twice that amount. the partial shutdown of the federal aviation administration could soon come to an end. the senate majority leader says the senate will approve a house bill to extend the faa's operating authority through the middle of september. a stalemate over some provisions of the bill letter to the furlough of thousands of federal employees and contractors. > a young boy isin serious condition after he was hit by an suv while riding his bike in northwest washington after 8:00 last night. the suv's status scene. no word on whether charges will be filed. we are learning more about what may have motivated a psychiatrist until the sun and then herself. the bodies of margaret jensvold and her son benjamin barnhard were found tuesday at their home. he'the boy's father said that his
5:36 am
son had been accepted to a school for children with special needs, but that he had not agreed to pay tuition. tropical storm emily is starting to break apart but not before causing damage in haiti. the storm dumped several inches of rain in some areas, damaging homes and the collar and treatment center and there's the potential for flooding as the rivers are threatening to burst the banks. no reports of any deaths. -- cholera treatment center. extreme heat is making the midwest and the south. many places will seek triple digit temperatures again today. 155 million people in 14 states are under excessive heat warning advisories in the country. the record heat is expected to stick around until at least mid august. we are almost there.
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it's already august 5. it's going fast. 70 degrees. >> still ahead you have to see this story. it's unbelievable. house and quick thinking swimmers save the life of a virginia teenager trapped under 62 sand. >> fir
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i'm with the villa ashton- sandy spring troll -- with the ocean city beach patrol. reminding you that it is dangerous to dig deeply into the sand. good morning, washington. variable cloud cover locally. within the cloud that in the old dominion, dealing with light rain drifting. by day showers far west of the metro area. flint hill around strasbourg and towards loudoun west virginia some light rain this morning. we could see a repeat performance this afternoon especially in the potomac highlands where there could be accused by the showers. not expecting and thunderstorms today. 68 degrees at dulles airport 74 in lexington park, 73 in culpeper. the humidity will increase later on this afternoon and especially into the weekend. you will feel the humidity on
5:41 am
the weekend. temperature is today are seasonable. upper 80's. the cloud cover will vary across the entire region all day long. we will call in variable clouds. tomorrow, limited sunshine. not expecting much sunshine on saturday. the best chance of rain is on saturday as we are expecting scattered clouds and storms develop in the afternoon and evening with embedded downpours and maybe a brief strong storm. low 90's by sunday. traffic is good. metro rail, marc rail, vre reporting normal service systemwide. the was a crash on 95 virginia northbound. that's on the shoulder in stafford. then there was a crash on eastbound 66 at 28/centerville. that was moved to the shoulder. maryland drivers southbound 5 abstracts road, out of the way in your inputhe way -- at surrats'
5:42 am
road. back to you. >> thank you. 5:41, 70 degrees. >> coming up, when the reporter becomes the story. why does baltimore journalists made international headlines. >> casey anthony perhaps ♪ ♪ ♪ oh,
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[ baby coughing, labored breathing ] [ coughing continues ] [ gasping
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] [ elevator bell dings coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] congress can't ignore the facts: more air pollution means more childhood asthma attacks. [ coughing continues ] log on to and tell washington: don't weaken the clean air act. welcome back. bob clark 45, checking our top stories. overseas markets are down today after wall street's odds biggest selloff since the 2008 start of the financial crisis. the dow jones lost 513. today on fears of a weak economy. and fears abroad. the markets are bracing for more bad news this morning when the july jobs report is released. partial shutdown of the federal aviation administration could soon be over. the senate is set to approve a
5:46 am
bill to extend the faa's operating authority until next month. that would let thousands of furloughed workers and contractors go back to work. casey anthony's lawyer will be in a florida courtroom this morning asking a judge to overturn another judge's ruling requiring her to return to florida for probation four stealing tax. the serial slasher is still almost. fairfax county police posted this surveillance video on youtube. the suspect has attacked at least six women at county shopping centers. the victims were caught on the backside. no wrecks 7 made. >> i feel like i know the size,, a hispanic gentleman. seems like if i knew that person i would be able to identify him. >> to learn more about the case,
5:47 am
on good morning america at 7:00 a.m. investigators are trying to find out what caused a house fire that killed a five-year-old boy. and a two-year-old child seriously hurt. yesterday morning at a home on our lane in charles county. a mother and her six children were inside when the fire started. chris loudoun county is suing the department of homeland security over immigration. county officials are worried what the federal government -- that the federal government is releasing dangerous illegal immigrants back into the community. one of them was charged with killing the benedictine nun while driving drunk. >> this was quite a story. a virginia teenager is lucky to be alive after being buried under several feet of sand. >> 17-year-old matt mina and his cousin were digging a trench on
5:48 am
a california beach when suddenly its collapse, burying him under several feet of sand. volunteers and firefighters work feverishly to dig him out. it took them to 30 minutes. he was still breathing when he was brought to the surface. >> i did not expect to be rescued. i did not think anybody could hear me screaming for out help. it was scary. >> he was taken to the hospital, but he is fine. new this morning, former california governor arnold schwarzenegger is back in the public eye. he spoke to a business group in los angeles last night. it was his first public appearance since revealing that he fathered a child with the housekeeper. he spoke about politics and did not mention his marital problems. president obama will help
5:49 am
unveil a memorial for slain civil rights leader martin luther king. the president will speak at the dedication ceremony for the monument near the tidal basin. the ceremony will take place on august 28, the anniversary of king's speech at the lincoln memorial. a baltimore television reporter and intentionally found himself in the spotlight. a british newspaper contacted him after he drew a striking resemblance to the composite sketch on the left of a man wanted for attacking a woman. fortunately, the suspect was arrested in pennsylvania and he actually looks a little different than a sketch. >> they did look alike. >> how about that? we have some more rain coming. >> especially this weekend. saturday is our best shot at widespread showers.
5:50 am
>> how far down are we? >> we are in an abnormally dry situation for most of us and a moderate doubt for isolated areas south and east of the metro area. not all that bad. we could still uses. some locations are doing pretty well. -- we could still use it. the grass in arlington could use some water. here's a look at the bay this morning. a beautiful shot at the naval academy. gorgeous sunrise over the water. this is a good example of how conditions will very everywhere across our region today. bright blue skies over the bay right now however, farther to the west we have rain showers. looks clear to the east. cloudy and rainy off to the west. a few light showers spotty sprinkles in front royal and romney slowly drifting off to the east. you can just kind of pick out the edge of the cloud deck here.
5:51 am
the potomac river is the delineation between the cloud cover and the sunshine this morning, especially throughout parts of the metro area and southern maryland. most of virginia is cloudy this morning and western maryland. variable cloudiness is the best way to put it. temperatures in the 60's where is clear. 70's where is cloudy. highs in the upper 80's. a few more isolated showers west of the metro and even into the afternoon. best chance of showers and storms on the weekend this saturday. slight chance of pop up storms on sunday. embedded downpours possible throughout the day and afternoon on saturday, even lingering into the nighttime with maybe a brief strong and destroy. low to mid 90's on sunday and monday but then cooling off again. 95, 66, couple accidents are completely gone. no problems at the wilson bridge. looks good across the roosevelt bridge memorial bridge.
5:52 am
395, let's look apace of traffic. looks great at duke street. the main line and hov. 270 southbound, delays are forming between 80 and 109 upstream. but at falls road, heavier volume with a great pace. back to you. >> thank you. 5:52. markets overseas are down already amid fears we are headed back into recession. >> to give us a preview of how we are shaping up this morning let's turn to linda bell in new york. how are markets expected to open this morning? >> they are lower, indicated to , open lower today. the dow jones is down 0.5%. asian markets were hit pretty hard. europe is trading lower at the moment. the u.s. has high unemployment. consumers are pulling back on spending. that's not a good combination for the economy or the markets. >> also, today the jobs report
5:53 am
is due out for july. many including the fed chairman are not confident about the current unemployment picture right? >> exactly. economists that we surveyed expect 85,000 jobs were added. that is still not enough to make a dent in our current unemployment rate of 9.2%. last monconnah thanmonth the fed chairman said that the economy is improving slowly and that the economy is improving not as much as it should. there's speculation building that the fed will start the third round of quantitative easing. more stimulus programs, in other words, to give a boost to the economy. the fed is meeting next week and i will bring you the latest on that. back to you. >> thank you. 5:5
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a rare glimpse of a spectacular event. the return of a bald eagle into the wild. >> a female eagle was released yesterday, aged four months, in fairfax county. just after she passed, she was found on the ground injured. she is now strong enough to survive on her own.
5:57 am
>> 40, the thrill that i get from releasing an eagle is watching the people. >> its special moment, when he threw the bird in the air and it spread its wings, and just watching it 5. >> the eagle has a bracelet so birdwatchers can identify her. many peoples lived to age 25 or older. quite a life ahead of her. >> absolutely. good stuff. still lots more ahead in the next hour of "good morning washington." >> coming up on this friday morning, arch campbell has a sneak peek at "the change up." >> local investors bracing for another tough trading day. live on k street, mike conneen. i will have details on what financial advisor are
5:58 am
5:59 am
straight ahead at 6:00, watching wall street. what is next after yesterday's stock market plunged? and what device are experts giving to investors? >> a senate vote could send thousands of faa employees and contractors back to work. >> and we're dealing with a little rainfall this morning but how was the weekend looking? good morning washington at


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